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Defeat It: The Book Is Finally Here!

After about 6 months, my first book is about a week away from being available on! Look out before 7/31/17. I’ll be giving away the first 200 copies of the book – yes free!! I’ll be publishing several videos sharing additional details and sharing some of the book’s golden nuggets. By 7/31, you’ll be able to purchase copies for friends too.

Why I Wrote Defeat It!?

I wrote Defeat It! A Woman’s Guide to Crushing Life’s Challenges And Finally Living the Fit Life to inspire all the women out there who have tried hard to lose weight to no avail. I have had many women DM me over the last year asking how I look so great after giving birth and pushing 40. I hear women saying they are facing Thyroid issues, women who are over worked, run to the ground in their careers and struggling to keep some sanity. Weight loss struggle after struggle. I heard enough. I needed to share light and truth to the science of weight loss and the small steps you can take to defeat whatever is holding you back from experiencing life-changing results.

I wrote Defeat It! for the woman who is always asking,

“What’s wrong with me?”

“Why does my metabolism suck?”

“Why can other ladies lose all this weight, and I’m just stuck?!”

Defeat It! represents my story and the stories of four other women who were able to defeat the things keeping them back from living their fittest life! I share my weight loss secrets as a mother of 4 (3 biological) including a 10 month old now and a Certified Personal Trainer.

But Let Me Get Super Clear on What Defeat It! IS and IS NOT

Defeat It! is NOT just another fitness book.
It is NOT just a mindset book.
It is NOT just a nutrition book.

Defeat It! IS Your Fitness Transformation ROAD MAP!

Defeat It! will help you push beyond your fears and find solutions to living a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Defeat It! makes you think about who you are, what’s possible, and what needs to change for you to defeat anything holding you back from living your fittest.

Whether you struggle with food, mindset, exercise, or unhealthy habits, Defeat It! will provide different strategies to help you defeat your “it”! Your free Defeat It! transformation workbook is included and available for download! No longer will you feel defeated. From now on you will ask, “What can I defeat today?!”

Some of the Secrets You’ll Learn In Defeat It! Include:

  • The ONE Thing you’re completely missing that will speed up your weight loss! (Chapter 6, Page 48)
  • Why you SHOULDN’T Go on Diet if you really want to lose weight! (Chapter 5, Pages 43-44)
  • How to find out what’s REALLY going to keep you motivated! (Chapter 8, Pages 62-65)
  • The two simple tweaks to your diet that will help you shed weight! (Page 43).
  • At least 3 strategies to overcome your emotions and depression (Chapter 9, Pages 73-74)

Be on the look out for launch in the next two weeks! Here’s to Defeating YOUR it!!!

Dali Burgado