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Why Set Goals and Not New Years Resolutions

Happy 2017!

Almost 2 weeks into the new year! How has your year been so far? Here’s how my year has gone so far… Watch the quick video and how I choose to focus on what’s good, and what I CAN do to give me momentum.

You’ll also hear about my new client’s recent success and how you can stay motivated with this free 7 day goal challenge course ->

Have you met your resolutions? And do you have goals?

I honestly don’t believe in resolutions.

“Why?” You ask?

Because resolutions are just that. Words without intention, a plan, and in some cases, without action! How can you make something happen without setting a goal, knowing your WHY and what is going to motivate you when the going get’s tough? This is why I created my free 7 day goal setting challenge. It’s a mini-course over 7 days to help you set goals you will achieve.

Here is what Tina had to say about the mini-course!

“Your email series on goals has helped me focus on what is most important in my health and overall self-esteem. I have found that my WHY is two parts. Who & Why!

Who am I hurting in my unhealthy lifestyle? My loved ones and friends along with my self-esteem in how people look at me.

Who has the power to change? “ME”! How could I not have the strength to fight the battle of obesity “Depression” PTSD? What makes excuses instead of suggestions in your well-being? “Laziness.”

So my “WHY” today is to take charge of my life again and begin to be proud of small accomplishments for the larger ones will come.

There is a Bible Verse that I keep in head:
Proverbs 3:8 “This will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones”.

Also I heard this once said, the children are afraid of the dark, but adults are afraid of the light. In that statement is denial that one has a health issue.

I will be interviewing Tina Live in the next few days. I’ll announce it as soon as I know the date/time. She’s been on fire in her fitness journey for the last 2 weeks. And I’m so excited to share her story soon! Take the course yourself, and let me know what you think?!!

Dali Burgado
Dali Burgado is an Amazon #1 Best-selling Author of “Defeat It! A Woman’s Guide To Crushing Life’s Challenges And Finally Living The Fit Life”, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Weight Management Specialist, and Certified Group Fitness Instructor based in Stafford, VA. She does online and in-home personal training in Northern Virginia.

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