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Pregnant Personal Trainer No More!

Hey all,

At the time of publishing, I’m a new mother of a beautiful baby boy! The baby just turned 4 weeks! This makes baby#3. This last pregnancy has been my healthiest even at “advanced maternal age” of almost 37. I had my previous two kids at ages 25 and 26. The major difference between this pregnancy and my first two is my fitness level. Prior to conception, I was in the best shape I’d ever been.

I worked out 4-5 times per week before this last baby for three years. And Throughout this pregnancy I continued to work out as my body, strength, and energy allowed. I wasn’t feeling energetic during the first trimester, so I slacked off. I was in a funk because I came to the realization that my late 30s body (even though I look better than I did in my 20s) was going to change after my hard work was paying off! I regained my optimism and energy closer to my second trimester. From then onward, I worked out about 3x per week (sometimes 4).

I was fortunately still able to perform some of the exercises I had prior to becoming pregnant, but modified other things. Just because I was pregnant didn’t mean I had lost my strength and gains from before! While I did gain some fat, I did keep my muscle definition and retained, or even improved, flexibility. So, at trimesters 2 and 3, I was still very strong, flexible, and fit.

I am very thankful that I was able to workout until the near end of my pregnancy. In fact, the day before I delivered I Facebook lived for the first walk for cardio (25 minutes). Some of you saw that! I know this made all the difference delivery time.  At 4 cm dilated, I still did not feel contractions. I thought the Doctor was about to call me a b*tch!.

Postpartum 4 weeks, and just began working out again, and I’m ready to take my own fitness and personal training business to the next level.

If I can stay in shape while pregnant and in my late 30s, I know you can also make your fitness goals a reality. I’m here to help!

So, here we go. Pregnant personal trainer no more! I’m here to help others get fitter. Will you join the journey with me?!

Here are some motivational images. I hope they inspire you!

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Second and Trimester Pregnancy Photos

Dali Burgado Personal Trainer 16 Weeks Pregnant
16 Weeks Pregnant
Dali Burgado Personal Trainer 26 Weeks Pregnant
26 Weeks Pregnant

Dali Burgado Personal Trainer 34 Weeks Pregnant
34 Weeks Pregnant
Dali Burgado Personal Trainer 35 Weeks Pregnant
35 Weeks Pregnant
Dali Burgado Personal Trainer 37 Weeks Pregnant
37 Weeks Pregnant








Dali Burgado Personal Trainer 3 Weeks After Giving Birth to 3rd Child
3 Weeks After Giving Birth to My 3rd Child End of September 2016



Dali Burgado
Dali Burgado is an Amazon #1 Best-selling Author of “Defeat It! A Woman’s Guide To Crushing Life’s Challenges And Finally Living The Fit Life”, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Weight Management Specialist, and Certified Group Fitness Instructor based in Stafford, VA. She does online and in-home personal training in Northern Virginia.

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