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In-home Personal Training Benefits and What To Expect

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Personal trainers now take house calls… Yes, you can hire an in-home personal trainer to help get you fit and healthy. And you can do it from home.  So, what are the benefits of training at home vs. the gym? And what should you expect? Read on.

I talk to many clients who are embarrassed about going to the gym because they’re overweight. It takes guts to walk through the doors at a gym and feel like everyone is judging you. Unless you’re someone who can get past occasional staring and some judgmental eyes, then chances are, you’d feel a lot more comfortable starting your first or a new personal training program at home.

In-home personal training has many benefits, especially if you’re self-conscious or have never considered yourself to be fit. In-home personal training is a very attractive option for those working on getting fit for the first time.

The Benefits of Training with an In-home Personal Trainer

Home Court Advantage

Instead of venturing out to that mysterious place called the gym, you’ll have an at-home personal trainer meet you at your home or an outdoor location. You’ll save a commute to the gym, won’t need to drive anywhere, and your personal trainer will arrive with all the equipment that is necessary for a great workout. You can set aside an area in your home for working out.

Note: It’s important to set aside a consistent dedicated space for your workouts that’s always going to be ready when your personal trainer arrives for your training session. That way you can jump right in and get going.

More Focused Workouts At Home

You might find that working out in your home one-on-one with an in-home personal trainer, you’re a lot more focused and ready to tackle your work out. I’ve found that most first-time gym-goers are so worried about what others around them are thinking about them. This self-conscious feeling allows for an unfocused session and an environment where it’s hard to stay motivated. At your home, you’re more comfortable and can avoid the external pressure. Your trainer will help you stay on task, and you’ll have more peace of mind to stay in the zone. It’s your personal trainer’s job to be 100% focused on you, and your workout too.

And hey, now you may find reasons to really create a bonafide small gym at your home and never worry about gym memberships.

In-home Personal Trainers Bring the Gym to You…

Your in-home personal trainer will help you set up your space to workout. Your trainer will bring all the equipment you need for a great workout.

Depending on your current fitness level, your workouts and training may include body weight training, Kettlebell training, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), or strength training. The trainer might incorporate dumbbells, medicine balls, or fitness balls. Cardio training may be possible indoors if you own a treadmill or have access to walking trails. You both will have more room and comfort to try new things you wouldn’t have tried at the gym. Ultimately, your program will be based on your present fitness level and any other conditions that may warrant specific modifications.

As you would guess, an in-home trainer may be a bigger financial investment than hiring someone who works at a gym, but this option may outweigh the cons. Your trainer is taking the time to come to you, bring equipment, and do everything he or should would normally do at the gym (create your program, motivate you, track your progress, and more).

Note: See the importance of your initial assessment below.

In-Home Personal Training 101: The Importance of Your Fitness Assessment

The initial house call should always consist of a fitness assessment. Make sure that your trainer plans that first session to be an introductory and comprehensive fitness assessment (in some cases these are a free service). It’s during this session that your trainer will get to know you better. He or she will ask you many questions about your health, including questions about previous injuries or surgeries, any current medications, food allergies (if you’re also getting nutrition services), and your previous and current fitness experience.

This initial assessment could be at your home or at a gym at a time where there is no one or few people at the gym. It’s during this first session that your trainer will determine your strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular levels. Your trainer should also take your starting measurements, weight, and other relevant stats as well as your “before pictures” to chronicle your progress in your fitness journey. Once your trainer knows what you can or cannot do, and what your experience is, he or she will devise a specific custom workout program for you.

Planning for Fitness Results After the First Personal Training Session

Once you’ve had your first session, you and your at-home personal trainer will schedule recurring meeting times. And he/she will meet you at your home or outside, three times a week or whatever you both decide. Most good programs last anywhere from 6-12 weeks, but if you’re just starting 12 weeks is the best time-frame to build those habits and make your first fitness goal.

Also, take note of what you should be doing when your new personal trainer is not around training you. Sleep, meal preparation, grocery shopping lists, stretching, motivation and accountability should all be part of your new fitness routine. Always ensure your primary care physician has cleared you or you sign a waiver of liability stating you’re in good health to being a fitness program.

Always ask your in-home personal trainer whenever you have questions. You may find this route of in-homer personal training a lot more beneficial than getting a gym membership. And you may also find that your personal trainer will hold you 100% accountable.

Getting Started or Get More Information:

To get started or get more information on in-home personal training schedule a free 10-minute clarity call with me by clicking on the calendar icon on desktop (top far right) or clicking the blue contact button below on desktop or mobile and clicking “schedule”).


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Dali Burgado is an Amazon #1 Best-selling Author of “Defeat It! A Woman’s Guide To Crushing Life’s Challenges And Finally Living The Fit Life”, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Weight Management Specialist, and Certified Group Fitness Instructor based in Stafford, VA. She does online and in-home personal training in Northern Virginia.

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