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How Do I Motivate Myself to Workout?

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So you’re asking yourself, “How Do I motivate myself to workout?” Motivation… either you have this and you’re one of those “go-getters” or you fall in the camp of needing more of a push and a solid WHY to get going. Either way, you’ve landed in the land of motivation here with Dali Burgado!

Whether you fall more into one of the above camps or the other, you will from time to time, need a little push to get motivated, and you need to get that external motivation from role models or from a coach. So, here’s what I have for you today. Read on for 10 ways to help motivate you to build your best body.

How Do I Motivate Myself to Workout?

1. Motivation Through Incantations

Incantations are quick repeated cheers to help get you moving and motivated.  It may sound a bit weird at first, but these will snap you out of a funk quickly if done with some real energy behind it. Create a motto or borrow this one from Tony Robbins.  “Every day and every way I’m getting stronger, and stronger.”  Repeat that with more feeling and emphasis for say maybe three minutes so you can psych yourself up to get to working out. You can also do incantations while working out. “Each repetition is getting me closer and closer to my ideal body.” Or “Each set of these are making me more fit and toned.” Keep repeating until you believe it.

2. Motivate Yourself Through Others

Think about your children and how you’re setting a good example for them. I created a video to help you Motivate yourself through the eyes of your kids. You’re your child’s role model, so the more your child or children see you getting into fitness, the better role model you are for your children. You’ll be passing along great traits and help them form future habits to keep them healthy in the process.

3. Visualize What You Want to Look Like Three Months from Now

Visualize a smaller waist. Visualize a belt that’s loose, and visualize a little space in the waistband of your favorite pants or your skirt. What would you look like if you were 20 pounds lighter? Do you have a picture of yourself when you were lighter? Look at it every morning. Do you have a role model or a picture of someone else you would like to look like? It’s okay to want to look like someone else, but love yourself now. Picture yourself smaller. Whatever the mind believes it will achieve.

4. Dig Deep. Why do You want to Get Fit? And Finding Your WHY.

Think about your why. Why is it that you want to get more fit? What’s the cost of you not getting fit? Why do you want to lose weight? Why is is so important for you to have a better body?  Why do you REALLY want to lose that weight? List down at least 10-20 reasons why you can stand to lose the weight, but don’t be superficial or think on the surface. Dig Deep.

Think of the long term implications of losing the weight. Do you want to avoid being on High Blood Pressure or Diabetes medications? Do you have chronic pain or do you want to avoid it in the near future. Think of your daily food choices. Over time, will what you’re eating put you at risk for Hypertension, diabetes or other illnesses? Dig deep and find that WHY. If you need more help, try my 7 day goal challenge.

5. Listen to Motivational Content.

Who do you know who’s super motivated? Listen to more motivational content! I go Live every Thursday evening a 8 PM EST with motivational content, so catch me on Facebook Live! Like Dali Burgado Fitness. You can previous videos there or on my personal profile. I give you permission to stalk me! ;-0

6. Music

Get yourself a good music playlist and jam to it before the gym, it will help you get in the right mind frame. Just listening to music that is 120 Beats Per Minute and more will get your heart rate in gear and start racing. You’ll want to start that quick warm-up before you know it! So start putting that playlist together or find some. I use Spotify to find new tunes and get new music to jam and workout to.

7. Motivate to workout by going for a fast walk.

Go for a brisk walk. Walking will help you get moving. Even if you just walk up and down a flight of stairs at home or at work, you’ll get your blood flowing. Hey, you may even want to try cycling or rowing after you are nice and warm. When I’m working out at home, I like marching in place and building up to high knees and some jumping jacks for at least 5 minutes before getting to my workout. But a nice walk is great to get you ready for movement. So go out for more walks.

8. Take a Current Picture of Yourself, and Look at it Every Day.

Sometimes the mirror might lie. But Pictures don’t. You may feel confident in your skin now. I sure was when I was at my heavier days because I’ve been a “curvy type” all my life. I never hated my appearance during my heavier days. For those of you with healthy self-esteems, you may not feel motivated enough because you haven’t hit a place where you really dislike your body, but over time those small food choice and too many skip outs on physical activity will be telling. And they are most telling in pictures!

So take more pictures of yourself. Look at your pictures every day. If you feel like, “oh heck no,” then you know it is time to get back to it! You can also compare and look at a picture from 5 or 10 years ago of when you had it or when you had that teenage body or were your fittest. This will motivate you!

9. Do You Have an Upcoming Even You’re Preparing for? Use that as Motivation.

Think about an event that you have coming up, is it a wedding, is it maybe a reunion.  Have that, “Oh, I’ll show them mentality.” This is a great way to get motivated to getting fit and starting a gym or at home workout routine. You want to look your best for that upcoming vacation or that reunion or wedding! Keep looking towards that event and use that to fuel that motivation you have inside you but you need to light a flame to!

10. Watch workout videos.  Watch workout videos online to help motivate you.

Watch others in the comfort of your home for motivation. You don’t need a gym to really get going. There is so much out there.

I can add others to this list, but these 10 should help you get moving? Have you tried other things to motivate yourself to workout and get in shape? What has worked for you int the past? It may be time to revisit some of those and use any of the above as added fuel?

What have you done before that’s worked for you. Comment below and share this on Facebook or with a friend if it’s inspired and motivated you!

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Dali Burgado is an Amazon #1 Best-selling Author of “Defeat It! A Woman’s Guide To Crushing Life’s Challenges And Finally Living The Fit Life”, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Weight Management Specialist, and Certified Group Fitness Instructor based in Stafford, VA. She does online and in-home personal training in Northern Virginia.

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